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Dark Colors

Credits: First published in The Spectatorial, print only Content warnings: Racism, assault, and murder A Note from Wintermute: This striking and layered piece was first published in 2017, and is an especially relevant read right now for all young readers and writers to see. Dark Colors may be categorized as fiction, but there is nothing imaginary about its sentiments or stories at all. It is a reminder to us today that our nation is ripping at the seams, after decades and centuries of an inescapable accumulation of racial tensions and oppressive systems. For more information on how to take action to propel and support the Black Lives Matter movement, please see our recent post Wintermute for Black Lives Matter. Saturday night. Jeremy was walking home from SAT prep, alone, as he did every week. As he turned the corner onto Henn, three men ran towards him from behind, dressed in dark colors. One of them was carrying a black backpack. The woman who’d taken the video with her phone

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